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COVID-19 Continues to Have an Impact

Springboard conducted its Back to Work Survey, between June 18, 2020 and July 6, 2020, to analyze the current state of the Cath/EP/IR industry and the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on it.

The national survey, distributed by email to facility managers across a diverse cross section of rural and urban facilities, was developed in cooperation with managers and director-level professionals who were looking for answers to 12 specific questions related to the current and changing landscape of an industry being shaped by the pandemic.

The survey received 135 responses and provided key insights on these and other critical topics:

  • Methods of disinfection for PPE
  • Factors contributing to operational capacity
  • Caseloads
  • Planning

The following results provide a good picture of how our industry is faring during these uncertain times.

Is your lab open?

87% said yes

open for ALL cases, both elective and emergent

9% said yes, but only open for emergent cases | 4% said no

Compared to pre-COVID levels, what percentage of your current caseload is back to normal?


While 88% of Cath/EP/IR labs are open, only one-third have seen caseloads return to pre-COVID levels.

Is your facility using UV lighting to disinfect PPE?

76% said no

How has your lab handled staffing and capacity changes during COVID-19?


Did your facility convert room air pressure?

52% said no

Was adequate planning done to prepare to re-open for elective cases when “stay-at-home” orders were lifted?

65% said yes

24% said no |  11% never shut down

Issues affecting staff most with regard to returning to pre-COVID levels

Most of the survey respondents said “public fear” has most significantly affected the industry’s return to pre-COVID levels of care.


Does your facility have a defined plan if a resurgence of COVID occurs?

47% said no

42% said yes |  11% do not anticipate a resurgence

When do you expect case loads to return to pre-COVID levels?


Fewer than half feel their labs have a defined plan for a resurgence of COVID-19 cases.

We can only measure what we know, which is why we so appreciate the participation we received with this survey as we continue to keep our finger on the pulse of our industry. These are certainly unprecedented times, and as a partner to Cath/EP/IR lab professionals, it is helpful for us to understand what your workplace feels like right now.

Knowledge is power, which is why we think it’s important for you to understand what the industry looks like, too, beyond your lab.

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