10 Tips for Recharging Your Batteries

Published February 28, 2017


As we wrap up our Heart Month celebration, we want to once again say “thanks” to all the EP and Cath lab professionals who take such great care of patients.  We also want to thank those who participated in our Heart Month drawing and shared tips for recharging your  batteries.  You offered so many good tips that it made it hard to choose the top 10 tips for this blog.  But we’ll share our favorites below.  If after reading this you have more tips to offer, please feel free to share them in the comments field at the end of this blog.  We would love to hear from you.  Here’s the blog.

Between juggling multiple cases in a busy EP or Cath Lab, family and other commitments it’s easy to become way too busy and get stressed out. That’s why it’s important to schedule time to unwind and rest or otherwise a person’s physical and mental health can suffer.  In fact, according to WebMD 75-90 percent of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related issues. Stress can play a part in problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression and anxiety.

To help you “take care of you” and manage the daily stress here are the top #10 ways to “recharge your batteries” courtesy of your fellow EP and Cath lab professionals.

#1  Exercise

“I walk briskly for 3-4 miles 4 times per week.  As I exercise I think about all the coronary diseas I see on a daily basis in the Cath Lab.  This is what motivates me to stay healthy.”

“I run.  I run as far as I can to clear my mind and work off the stress.”

“I turn to “pound class” to bang out my frustrations.”

“I do Pilates 3 times per week.”

“I take my dog for a walk.”

#2 Eat Right

 “I’ve worked to master the art of creating nutritious and great tasting meals.  I find that’t the best way to give back to myself after a hectic day at the lab.”

“I take care of myself by eating plenty of vegetables and fruits.”

#3 Get Enough Sleep

“I take a nap in my hammock on the weekend.”

“I try to get 6-8 hours of sleep each night.”

“I read in the evening to help calm myself for a good night’s sleep.”

#4 Take a Break

“Taking small moments during the day to quiet my mind and think of one thing I’m grateful for refreshes me every time.”

“I recharge with quiet meditation.  I run all the kids outside, turn the TV off and lay on the couch until I hear “what’s for supper” which finally drives me back to my feet!”

#5 Do Something Fun and Engaging

“I indulge in photography and jewelry making.  It takes my mind off everything else.”

 “I jump on the trampoline with my son.”

“Going out with friends is the best way for me to recharge my batteries.  Talking and laughing with them can make me forget all my troubles.”

#6 Do Something Relaxing

“I get a massage once a month.”

“I get a pedicure.”

“I have to take a break from family and friends and do something relaxing for me.  Sometimes I go shopping, hiking or biking alone.”

“Getting outside is the way I love to relax.”

#7 Enjoy Some Laughter

“I like to watch funny movies with my family.”

“Taking a few minutes to talk to a friend who makes me laugh can melt away the stress in no time.”

#8 Take a Deep Breath

“I take a couple of minutes every hour to take a few deep cleansing breaths.  It really clears my head!”

#9 Talk Through your Problems

“When I have a problem I like to talk to a close friend about it.  As I’m talking a solution comes to mind or sometimes I realize that it’s not that big of a deal after all.”

#10 Slow Down

“To avoid constantly rushing everywhere I set my watch 5-10 minutes fast.  That way I always arrive on time and unfrazzled.”

“When faced with large projects I break them down into smaller tasks.  Then I feel like I’m getting more done.” 

Again, we invite you to  share any other tips you might have  in the comment section below.