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You’ve chosen a career that demands focus and time. But you also have a life. Our cloud-based educational platform puts you in charge of how and when you progress, be it at night, in between cases or over a weekend. Our courses are designed around your career with the purpose of moving you forward.

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There is no substitute for knowledge, preparation and confidence when it’s time to put your education into action. Our education platforms provide all three, while also allowing you to earn valuable continuing education credits. All of that opens doors to new opportunities while working with Springboard. Check out what career opportunities we have in Cath and EP labs nationwide.

This three-part, cloud-based series of courses is designed to advance professionals in a demanding, fast-paced industry.

Developed in partnership with Duke Heart Center, our exclusive curriculum provides continuing education credits as it covers increasingly more complex, industry-specific topics.

  • Prepare for the RCIS exam
  • Gain knowledge and confidence
  • Learn on your terms—where and when it works for you

Available to individual learners or organizations, to be used as a helpful retention tool, our CathLab Academy is a valuable tool for professional advancement.

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A four-part series, the EP Academy courses prepare clinicians for the RCES exam and qualifies for continuing education credits.

The online series, developed in partnership with Duke Heart Center, includes lectures, reading and practice questions and tests.

  • Prepare for the RCES exam
  • Gain knowledge and confidence
  • Learn on your terms—where and when it works for you

EP Academy is available across mobile devices and can be completed in about 4-6 months. A number of leading healthcare organizations utilize EP Academy as a beneficial educational and retention tool.

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CVPro Academy Cardiovascular Professional Student edition is the first fully online course offered through community colleges, associate programs nationwide.

It’s an all-encompassing program designed for students studying for a career in cardiovascular medicine.

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