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Let’s Get You Credentialed!

The Springboard Credentialing Team is excited to help you through the credentialing process for your next assignment. Below are the common requirements and some helpful hints.

Sending Credentialing Documents to Springboard

After accepting an assignment contract, Springboard will pair you with a credentialing expert. Your credentialing specialist will then contact you regarding the documentation required for your specific assignment.

Please email requested documents to credentials@springboardhealthcare.com at your earliest convenience.

Commonly Required Credentialing Documents

  • Skills Checklist

    A modality specific Skills Checklist must be completed prior to starting and assignment and updated annually.

    Skills Checklist Links

  • Credentials

    Current license or certification pertaining to the assignment you are taking. E.g., RN, ARRT, CCI.

  • Certifications

    BLS (AHA) is required for all clinicians. Unit-specific certifications may also include, for example, ACLS (AHA), PALS, NIHSS.

    Note: The Credentialing Team does not schedule these courses for you if you need to obtain or renew a certification.

  • MMR & Varicella Vaccinations or Titers

    Titers with listed levels are typically required by hospitals for MMR and Varicella. Vaccination records must have your name, immunity status, medical provider, or laboratory with identifying contact information. Vaccination records: Require proof of administration, location given, lot number exp., manufacturer.

  • Hepatitis B

    Titer/Proof of immunity, proof of 3-part series, or annual Hepatitis B declination.

  • Tdap Vaccine

    Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis vaccine within 10 years vaccination records. Require proof of administration, location given, lot number exp., manufacturer.

  • Annual Physical Exam

    Physical or Fit for Duty must clearly state that the clinician is in good health, free of any communicable diseases, and able to perform job duties without restriction. Note: Facilities are very specific on the language that must be included on the Physical Exam.

  • Respirator Fit Test

    Respirator Fit Card or Fit Test Results (if you have this from your current hospital, great!). You may also be required to complete an OSHA Respirator Fit Questionnaire. If your assignment requires you to get a new Respirator Fit Test, Springboard will provide an authorization for such testing and will give you specifics regarding mask type. Springboard, however, will not provide you with the mask for such testing and the clinics that perform the testing also do not provide the masks. You will be responsible for bringing the mask to any fit testing, which you can purchase online. To look for free masks available near you, click here.

  • Tuberculosis

    Negative Tuberculosis Skin Test (TST/PPD) or Tuberculosis Titer results require annual retesting. Positive Tuberculosis Skin Test (TST) or Titer results (IGRA) require a chest x-ray to be performed every 5 years with a result showing no evidence of active tuberculosis, and additionally an annual TB Symptoms Questionnaire.

  • Drug Screen Results

    A drug screen is required to be on file with Springboard prior to any assignment. Springboard will provide an authorization for drug screen which meets the facility requirements.

  • Signed Job Description

    A signed job description is required prior to starting an assignment.

  • COVID Records

    COVID vaccination records, including boosters, are required for most assignments. If you want Springboard to consider an exemption based on a religious or medical accommodation, please let your credentialing specialist or recruiter know as soon as possible.

  • Flu Vaccine (October through March Annually)

    Vaccination records: Require proof of administration, location given, lot number exp., manufacturer.

  • Springboard Annual Joint Commission Packet and Facility Documents

    Each assignment may require facility specific documents. Springboard will convert these documents to an e-sign form and email it to you. You will also be required to complete the Springboard Joint Commission Packet annually.

  • Pre-Employment Testing and Joint Commission Requirements

    Springboard is certified under the Joint Commission. To meet our standards of provided the best patient care, Springboard requires clinicians to complete competency testing prior to employment and then annually. Most competency testing will be completed through HealthCare Source Online, unless the hospital requires something different.

    Clinicians must earn a passing score which shall include the following:

    Core Part I:

    • Body Mechanics/Ergonomics
    • Emergency Management Preparedness
    • Environmental Safety
    • Fire Safety
    • Hazardous Chemicals
    • HIPAA Privacy
    • Infection Control/Bloodborne Pathogens

    Core Part II:

    • Age-Specific Patient Care
    • Cultural Competence
    • Ethics in Healthcare
    • National Patient Safety Goals
    • Patient Rights
    • Patient Safety Systems and Events

    Core Part III:

    • Abuse
    • Advanced Healthcare Directives
    • Domestic Violence
    • Pain Management
    • Restraints
    • Sexual Harassment

    Unit Specific Exam:

    • Cath Lab RN
    • Cath Lab Tech
    • EP RN
    • EP Tech
    • IR RN
    • IR Tech

    Medication Exam:

    • RN Pharmacology Exam

    Color Vision Exam:

    • Color Blindness Test

    How do you get the tests?
    You will receive an email from HealthCare Source or RN.com with further instructions on how to get your account set up to take the tests.

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